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"For most of the world, there's no greater symbol of America than the Statue of Liberty. It has been an inspiration to generations of immigrants. One of these immigrants was a poet-writer named Ameen Rihani. Gazing at her lamp held high, he wondered whether her sister might be erected in the lands of his Arab forefathers. Here is how he put it: "When will you turn your face toward the East, oh Liberty?""
President George W. Bush, 2008
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Rihani in Recent Saudi Symposium

During the Symposium held in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, on "Travel Accounts on the Arabian Peninsula" on October 21-24, 2000, Dr. Muhammad Thonian Al-Thonian presented a paper entitled "The Portrait of King Abdul Aziz as Drawn by Ameen Rihani".

Symposium on Travel Accounts on The Arabian Peninsula - October 2000

The paper addressed, in detail, the growing friendship between the King and the author of "Around the Costs of Arabia", "Arabian Peak and Desert" and "The Maker of Modern Arabia". The early relationship between the two men and their common concerns, as described by Rihani, were the major focus of discussion in the presentation.

The paper, printed in a 50-page booklet, was distributed to all participants and the audience. Summaries of the paper and discussions after the presentation were published in Saudi newspapers in Riyadh and Jeddah.

A.U.B. Students Visit Rihani Museum

On Saturday November 4, 2000, thirty students from the American University of Beirut paid a special visit to the Ameen Rihani Museum in Freike, Lebanon, together with their professor Dr. Ass'ad Khairallah.

After a walk through the museum garden where quotations on Rihani and from his works are engraved on the 22 columns of the outdoors corridor, the students had a detailed tour of the museum which depicts Rihani's life and achievements in different chronological sections. Following the tour, further discussions took place between Dr. Ameen Albert Rihani, Rihani's nephew, Dr. Khairallah and the students on the balcony of the Rihani residence and birthplace. The visiting students had varying majors including Arabic Literature, English Literature, Philosophy, Political Science and Middle Eastern History.