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"I am for reformation by emigration. The emigration of the mind before the revolution of the state. The soul and mind must be free before one has a right to be a member of a free government."
Ameen Rihani, 1911
.: Rihani Scholarship

The Ameen Rihani Scholarship (ARS), funded by a grant from the Ameen Rihani Organization, was established in 2002 to provide Lebanese Americans and other Arab Americans with an opportunity to complete a college education, particularly those intending to study literature, philosophy, or political science. The goal of ARS is to promote academic excellence and to provide an opportunity for outstanding students to reach their fullest potential. The Ameen Rihani Organization established this initiative to encourage and support Lebanese American and other Arab American students in attending undergraduate institutions of their choice and be prepared to assume important roles as leaders in their professions and in their communities.


Individuals are eligible to be nominated as recipients of the ARS if they:

  • are of Lebanese or other Arab descent;
  • are citizens/legal permanent residents of the United States;
  • have attained a cumulative GPA of at least 3.25 on a 4.0 scale;
  • will enter a college or university as a full-time, degree-seeking freshman in the fall of the year (students who are already in college are not eligible for an ARS award);
  • have demonstrated leadership abilities through participation in community service, extracurricular or other activities.

Nominations, Forms, and Award

Only those students for whom all materials have been received by the postmark deadline of March 15 will be considered for a scholarship. Teachers, counselors, and principals are invited to nominate students with outstanding academic qualifications, particularly those who would promote success in the fields of literature, philosophy, or political science. Nominators should review ARS eligibility requirements and are asked to only nominate eligible students. The nomination must be supported by the submission of the following three forms, which are found on the Ameen Rihani Home Page (
Each year, an individual is selected as the ARS Recipient and will receive a one-time $1,500 (one thousand and five hundred U.S. dollars) scholarship, along with selected books from Rihani's works. This scholarship award will be applied to the fall semester of the academic year.

Application and Deadline

Applications for this scholarship will be accepted throughout the period of January 1 through March 15 of each year for the fall of that year. To be eligible, all materials must be postmarked on or before March 15 of each year and sent to:

Ameen Rihani Scholarship Program
The Ameen Rihani Organization
7979 Old Georgetown Road
Suite 700
Bethesda, MD 20814

Announcement of ARS Recipient

Each year, the Ameen Rihani Scholarship Committee selects a finalist and names that individual the ARS Recipient of the year.
This announcement is typically made in mid May.

To all past scholarship applicants and/or recipients: If you change your email address, we would be grateful to learn about your new contact. Please send your current email address and any other additional contact information to our web administrator.

Rihani Scholarship Recipients

2014: Sarah Mokh, Lebanese-American of Dearborn, Michigan - entering Harvard College

2013: Abrar Omeish, Lybian-American of Fairfax, Virginia - entering Yale University

2012: Margaret Ann Azzi, Lebanese-American of Louisville, Ohio - entering Tufts University

2011: Simone Gannage, Lebanese-American of Los Altos Hills, California - entering Georgetown University

2010: Joe Feghali, Lebanese-American of Bakersfield, California - entering Harvard College

2009: Deena Tumeh, Syrian/Lebanese-American of Atlanta, Georgia - entering Yale University

2008: Sofia Yassine, Lebanese-American of Rohnert Park, California - entering California State University, Long Beach

2007: Mukhtar Voss, Moroccan-American of Columbus, Georgia - entering Emory University

2006: Lara Christine Tumeh, Syrian/Lebanese-American of Atlanta, Georgia - entering Yale University

2005: Kyle Haddad-Fonda, Syrian-American of Bellevue, Washington - entering Harvard College

2004: Dina Amin, Iraqi-American of Encinitas, California - entering University of California, Berkeley

2003: Hani Nakhoul, Lebanese-American of Metairie, Louisiana - entering Harvard College
         Nicolas El-Hage, Lebanese-American of Cortland, New York - entering Columbia University