Ameen Rihani Organization
"With Ameen Rihani the matter is diametrically opposite to Alois Musil’s Arabian Desert, in purpose, in point of view and, above all, in personal psychology... I have considerable admiration for Mr. Rihani as a writer, an authentic poet and a philosopher..."
William B. Seabrook, 1931
Ameen Rihani Organization - Guestbook
Ameen Rihani Organization - Guestbook
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Superb resource. Congratulations are in order. Thank you.

You did a great job on your web page!

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Please sign the GuestBook (It means a lot to me)

God Bless.

Great site.. but it pains me to see another Lebanese titan being hijacked by a culturally and intellectually bankrupt Arabism. Granted, Rihani was a champion of linguistic "Arabism", and toiled all his life to melt the Middle East's diverse peoples into a supra-Arab identity; still, he must be tormented by what an intolerant, narrow-minded and obscurantist ideology Arabism has become. Rihani is Lebanese and a bequest of Lebanon's national genius! As any good Lebanese merchant, he curried favor from the Arabs for financial expediency, but he was NEVER an "Arab".

I play CyberSurfari and this site rocks!

Very proud of you!!!

Super site. Wirklich interessant. Werde sicher noch verlinken. Aus unseren Portal hier. Lg und viel glόck

I would really like to congratulate the people behind this website. It has been a pleasure for me to know that great Lebanese people such as Ameen Rihani are having an organization after them to preserve their rights. I hope other great people do the same too.

I'm very, very glad to see that the site is growing. I really love to read Ameen's works, but I can only read it in Russian or English. I'm originally from Russia, now live in US, and I'm very interested in Eastern cultures (mostly Arabic & Indian). I learned about Ameen only 1.5 years ago in Russia since my Dagestanian friend was reading his book (Selected Works) in the Russian language. He is just an amazing philosopher!!! I wish I could read his works in the Arabic language. I wasn't able to find many sites about Rihani (unfortunately), so I hope this site is going to be bigger & bigger every year!!! Shukran!!
Messages : 101 to 150
Page : 3
Number of messages : 250